One in six of your employees is deemed above average. But where are these exceptional employees in your company? Are you using this potential and how can you leverage it? TIBER helps you to identify these outstanding employees and correspondingly, make full use of their potential. To do so, TIBER supports you on various levels:

Great emphasis is placed on the transfer of technology at your research facility. To ensure your research results in future innovations, you need partners in industry to launch joint R&D projects.

Your company has experienced long-term success. Yet the changing market situation could mean there is a danger of your portfolio becoming outdated and as a result of this, no longer favourable. TIBER guides you through the process of successfully creating an innovative product from a mere germ of an idea.

And thanks to TIBER’s support, you can match your attitudes and alignments to a goal. TIBER also becomes an interface between the various “languages” so that communicating between different areas runs smoothly. This allows you to pick up innovative ideas as efficiently and quickly as possible, and turn them into new products. The result? Your successful market position is future proofed, thanks to the extended or diversified range of products.